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Hey, I’m Kalani Vale!

Kalani Vale is an award-winning author of "Super Hero Single Dad" and an Amazon Best Selling author of R.O.L. Activating the Highest Returns On Life.

Kalani was a peak performance business coach and the former #1 Trainer for Anthony Robbins on the Competitive Edge Team. He has done over 1000 Speaking engagements and peak performance workshops. Some of his companies he has trained include American Express, Wells Fargo Advisors, Trans-America, Chevy Chase Bank, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pre-Paid Legal, Primerica Financial Services and Colonial Insurance.

Kalani's 1st book "Superhero Single Dad" won 2nd place in the 2014 CW Awards - Family Section. It addresses the needs of time-strapped dads who to yearn to be a superhero to their kids while building a successful company.

Kalani is Wealth Advisor who manages over $100 Million in assets for several hundred clients. This skillset gave him the ability to write his 2nd book "R.O.L. Return On Life. This book was written for entrepreneurs who are looking for "True Wealth". This book covers the "8 Life Funds" that must be invested into on a consistent basis to avoid going bankrupt in the Higher Power Fund, Health Fund, Heart Fund, Honey Fund, Home Life Fund, Homies Fund, House Fund and Humanitarian Fund.

Kalani will show you how to apply the 2% rule to fully fund each "Life Fund" to activate the highest Returns on Life for Entrepreneurs and their companies. Having a balanced life is a myth yet you can have your 8 Life Funds growing in balance.

A single father of twins, Kalani is an avid surfer and day trader.